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ARTIST: Linda Rose Stagg

A Wing and a Stare2016
acrylic on canvas
40" x 30" $395

Snow Job2017
acrylic on canvas
24" x 24" $295

Steampunk Goggles2017
acrylic on canvas
36" x 36" $395

Eye in the B.C. Sky2017
acrylic on canvas
36" x 36" $395

The Shady Side2017
acrylic on canvas
40" x 30" $395

acrylic on canvas
48" x 36" $395

Great Blue Hairdo2017
acrylic on canvas
40" x 30" $395

Under the Blanket2017
acrylic on canvas
30" x 48" $395

Almost at the Beacon Drive In2016
acrylic on canvas
24" x 24" $195

The Oyster Tonger2016
acrylic on canvas
36" x 36" $295

SI Drysuit Edition2016
acrylic on canvas
36" x 24" $295

The Norseman Retired 2016
acrylic on canvas
30" x 10" $195

The Bricklin 2.02017
acrylic on canvas
36" x 36" $395

Tasting My Shadow2017
acrylic on canvas
48" x 30" $395

Two Veterans2017
acrylic on canvas
30" x 15" $195

Rough Winds do Shake my Tailfeathers2016
acrylic on canvas, Framed
24" x 24" $245

Fishful Thinking2015
acrylic on canvas
36" x 24" $195

Are we going to the Dog Park Today2016
acrylic on canvas
18" x 24" $95

Undercover or Sundown Party at the Coy Pond2016
acrylic on canvas
24" x 24" $195

Wing Nuts2016
giclee print 1 of 1 only
18" x 24" $145

Distant Thunder2016
acrylic on canvas
24" x 244" $195

Deep Purple 22016
acrylic on canvas
36" x 24" $195

Charles Bridge2017
acrylic on canvas
36" x 24" $195

Linda Rose Stagg:

BREAKING NEWS!  For the the month of December 2017, Linda's paintings will be for show and sale in the Cafe Gallery of the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre.  

Linda began painting in October 2014 in classes with art instructor Nicholas Pearce, using four colours plus white – and a 1 ½-inch housepainters’ brush (although she’s been known to use dental floss, swizzle sticks and peanut shells for special effects). 

Her favourite subjects include birds and other wildlife, water and marine scenes, and the female form. Her owls have proved popular. 

She has had three solo shows  - most recently at the McTavish Academy of Art and previously, two at the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre. She has participated in two group shows - one with  Pearce and his students at the Mary Winspear Centre and another at Cedar Hill.

Linda has donated paintings to fundraisers for Michelle’s Voice: the Society for Eating Disorder Awareness and Education, in memory of her colleague Michelle Stewart; and Creatively United for the Planet. 

Linda was featured in Nicholas Pearce's February 2017 newsletter:


For further information, email Randy Stagg at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or leave a voice message for Randy at 250 472-1835.

























































            E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

© 2014 Linda Rose Stagg

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