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For your convenience there are three ways to join the CACGV:

  1. Complete and submit the form online and pay with PayPal
  2. Complete the form online and then print it and mail it with traditional mail and pay by cheque (Current option)
  3. Print the form, complete it manually and mail it with traditional mail and pay by check

If you choose the second or third options, please mail your completed form and cheque to:

Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria
3220 Cedar Hill Road, Victoria BC V8P 3Y3


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Indicate if you can volunteer with the CACGV. The Volunteer Application form on the website has more details.

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The Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria has been celebrating and encouraging arts and culture since 1968. Funding is always a challenge. Please help local arts thrive in our community. If you would like to add a donation to your membership fee, please select one of the following amounts or enter the amount in the "Other" field.

Donation to the CACGV: $25